With spring approaching in the northern hemisphere so is the season for love, engagement and marriage. The diamond ring is the primary symbol to celebrate the betrothal.

You may know about the 4c’s in diamonds and may have even memorized all its meanings. I would like to introduce you to the many shapes diamonds are cut and their corresponding personality traits of the recipient.

Round brilliant shape is the most common diamond sold, and offers incomparable versatility when designing a ring. This shape best reflects family-centered, dependable, secure and safe personality traits.

Princess shape is square or rectangular with pointed corners, cut with similar numbers of facets as the round brilliant cut. This choice speaks of a disciplined, conservative, efficient and honest personality.

Emerald shape, a rectangular diamond with cut corners, the facets are cut parallel to the perimeter of the stone, also known as step cut. The small number of facets in this design requires the diamond to be of high clarity. The emerald cut shape shares the characteristics with the princess cut.

Oval shaped diamonds are very well suited for women with smaller hands or fingers and are often paired with smaller diamonds or coloured stones. This shape speaks of an individualistic, creative, well-organized person, willing to take chances.

Marquise shape, an oval shape with tapered, pointed ends, this diamond is often chosen by people with short fingers to create the appearance of slender fingers. Extroverted, aggressive, innovative and career-minded persons may find this unique shape very compatible.

Pear or drop shaped diamond is complimentary to people with small and short fingers. This shape is best suited for conforming, considerate and adaptable personalities.

Radiant shape, square or rectangular with cut corners, this diamond is a beautiful combination of the emerald and round diamond shapes. This cut is favoured for fancy yellow diamonds to enhance the brilliance and colour. The radiant cut shares the personality traits with the emerald and princess shapes.

Find your match.

Bayot Heer