Welcome to a place where ideas, information and interaction are encouraged. A new blog will be posted regularly exploring the world of jewellery and I invite you to contribute your comments as a way to promote discussion. My intention is to lift the vale of mystery surrounding jewellery and to help you make informed decisions during the selection process.

This is also a place where you can share your experiences and stories with us. You may write about your personal experience in giving or receiving a precious gift. Buying a ring on impulse can be as powerful as having a piece of jewellery carefully designed and custom made. Share the moment when you “popped the question.” You may have spent weeks planning the event, orchestrating every last detail. You may have seized a spontaneous moment to ask for your lady/man’s hand in marriage. The answer you received may have put you on top of the world…or it may have thrown you for a loop.  Either way, your stories come to life on this website.

A wedding engagement is by far the most popular occasion for selecting jewellery. For men in particular, this can cause much stress and anxiety.  It’s all about choosing that perfect ring for that special someone. You may have had a wonderful experience in finding just what you were looking for or you may have enlisted the help of family and friends to ease the pressure of your responsibility. For others, neither of the above applies as things did not go as planned.  This major event is rich in story possibilities.

Along with your stories, I invite your questions and will attempt to answer them as best I can.  You may have concerns about the metal your jewellery is created with or the gemstones you own. I would like you to wear your precious gem pieces with the confidence that only knowledge can bring.

My contributions will range from technical and design-oriented matters, to precious metals, and my personal favourite, gemstones. We can talk about the various colours of alloyed gold, their properties and applications. The topic of gemstones covers a vast variety of specimens, representing a spectrum of spectacular colours. It’s a fascinating field!

Your participation in this blog will make for its success.  I look forward to hearing from you!